Meg Sefton: Where are you?

I’m generally wherever my dog is and she’s wherever I am. I am content in our many “now” moments together. My dog’s name is Annie, which is short for her Queen Anne. All of her littermates were named after royalty. My son wanted us to keep her name, so Anne it is. She is a Coton de Toulear, a breed which originated in Madagascar. Her fur is almost white by now with some shades of pepper, but she started out with more caramel markings. It’s common for the markings to become less distinct with time and age. She is standing on our dock in this picture. We live on a lake. The markings on our dock will not go away. They are made by the many interesting birds that fly over it and perch there.

When I’m not enjoying dogness with my dog and time with family on the lake or looking out at the lake, I’m punching numbers and letters on a keyboard and looking at a screen. How very undog, to be sure. But she always forgives me this and is always ready for the next adventure, as am I.

Read Meg’s story “God’s Man” here.



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