no biscuits: Martha Williams

no thanks, he don’t like apples, he only likes potato faces. sometimes he’ll eat yoghurt but they put sugar in that so he shouldn’t. you know what it’s like — don’t know what’s in things these days… like school meals, they do chips, ‘n’ the teachers don’t make him eat his peas.

it’s rubbish.

i used to walk to school with him but we can’t now, traffic’s got so bad. they need to sort that road, but they won’t. they don’t care, none of them care; in’t their problem. i got to be at work early anyway now, so i have to take him in the car. dan’s working too, or we’d go swimming.

so, he has to eat by five, or his blood sugar goes. he has his injection just before.

he’ll scream, you gotta ignore that and give it anyway. it’s his nan. they all drama queens on that side. he screams, she gives him a biscuit — so now he screams ’til he gets a treat. what can y’do? she’s his nan… she knows he shouldn’t be eating no biscuits.

anyway, i gotta go. thanks for having him tonight. is good of you. dan ‘n’ me, we appreciate it.

Martha Williams lives and works (?) in England. Take a look at her very professional looking blog here.

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