How to become a massively successful writing magazine.

Step Two: Nepotism, Croneyism, Sycophantism.

It’s good to have friends, wouldn’t you agree?  From the real life, will pick up the tab, kind of friends to the Facebook and Twitter, hey we’ve never met but we think you’re pretty handsome, type of friends- a good magazine is nothing without its friends. We hope to keep gaining friends as we roll along. So if you are our friend then tell your friends so then we can all become friends. Sounds pretty friendly, doesn’t it?

Speaking of friends. Wufniks editor and Tiger Beat enthusiast Matt Munday has a story up at For Every Year. Read it and enjoy it here.

To those of you that have submitted already: thank you. You are great guys and great friends. Keep them coming so we can get this jalopy up to 88mph.



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