How to become a massively successful writing magazine.

Step One: Social Media

Ok first of all, what is social media? Seriously, somebody please help us out with this one. Is it a pyramid scheme or something?  Do we have to wear shoes? Fancier shoes? Less shoes?

We like to make jokes around here. Of course we know what social media is. It’s the non porn area of the internet (by the way, it’s not cool to say interweb anymore). Wufniks is all over the social media. Facebook? Bingo. Twitter? Bango. Ummm… Google? Bongo!

Look us up why don’t you. @wufniksmagazine is our latest venture on the Twitter. Twitter is hilarious and we love it. Let’s go on there together and write a poem or something. We can think of different names for fruits. Twitter is a fragrant oyster waiting to be shucked.

In other news- you all know Wufniks as a literary online carnival fun house but we also have printed issues of Wufniks 1,2 and 3 for sale that you can buy with money. Ink and paper were %100 involved. Take a look at how to purchase a very affordable issue here. Also, if you have a Kindle or Nook or Kobo or some other type of fancy eReader calculator,a way exists for you to download a PDF of Wufniks to said device. Technology is your friend. Embrace it.

So lastly and most importantly, let’s put what we’ve learned this evening into practice. Let’s use social media to become friends with inanimate objects. Let’s browse around the website and perhaps purchase a copy or three of Wufniks.

Keep the submissions coming in like such heavy gravy.

News of a new print edition will be coming soon.

Stuffed calimari,


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