How to become a massively successful writing magazine.

Step three: Manifesto

Since Wufniks has entered a new decade and is trying to become something that exists again we thought it best to reiterate our mission statement of sorts. Things haven’t really changed much since we began but we want all the new peoples and potential contributors out there to know exactly what we are looking for and why we’re doing what we’re doing.

The aim is pretty simple: we want good stories- even great stories! Good stories make our lives so much easier. We want to have interesting things for people to read online but we also want to print more physical magazines. We want to connect with writers from all over the world and we want to know about the places that you and your writing are coming from. Maldives? Wonderful. Kansas? Beautiful. Chicago? Fantastic.

Every penny from issues of wufniks that we have sold is put into a jar under the bed and allows us to print future issues. We want you to be in our future issues and we want you to show them to your mothers or childrens. We want this site to be a place where you can come to read great things and to also learn about the wonderful things that all of the other writing magazines, lit journals, and independent presses are up to across the universe.

We want you to be involved and we want you to have a great time doing it. We will have new stories coming up in October so please stay tuned. Send us comments or questions. Add us to your favourites or something. Thank you, you are magnificent butterflies.