Snehal Vadher: The Wufniks Interview

1. Who is Snehal Vadher?

A student, trying to write fiction and poetry. He currently lives in London, but most of the time cannot be said to be present there.

2. Where is Snehal Vadher?

An issue raised in the above question, which must remain unresolved.

3. What is Snehal Vadher?

Usually just a t-shirt

4. Why is Snehal Vadher?

Snehal Vadher is not, because in Russian, his first name can be variously “Snehala,” “Snehalu,” “Snehale,” and so forth, which is really a joke.

5. If you could have the naturally occurring defense mechanisms of any creature in the world, what would it be?

the Octopus

6. Please name (in the thousands preferably) how many fans you have accrued since first appearing in the critically acclaimed magazine ‘Wufniks’

Exactly 3

7. What character from classical literature would make the best President of the United States of America?

The one who stole the Queen’s tarts.

8. Please use this space for the first 3 sentences of your Booker Prize acceptance speech.

I am greatly indebted for the committee of bearded men and women who have deemed me worthy of this prize. Alas, I shall accept it. I intend to donate half of the money towards the construction of a city for people measuring 5’2″.

9. Use this space for the first 3 sentences of a Robot’s Booker Prize acceptance speech.

I would like to thank the judges for giving me this prize. I would also like to thank my parents, who have been really supportive throughout my writing career and have put up spiders, tortoises, lesbians, murderers, and inept batsmen which sprang from my head and populated my room and their nightmares. The entire prize money will go to Oxfam North-African Draught Aid and People for Ethical Treatment Against Unleased Pets.

10. Snehal Vadher, this is a transatlantic interview. What are your thoughts on the Atlantic Ocean?

It is a space over which language has built many subtly shifting bridges as compared to those traceable routes on which perhaps were brought chocolate and coffee to the rest of the world.

11. Snehal Vadher, what is your catch phrase?

“Un, dos, tres, cuatro;” and I’m out of bed.

12. Snehal Vadher, do you have any more words for your adoring public?

Perhaps after they manage to get through this.

Snehal Vadher is a staunch supporter of wufniks. He is a living, breathing, talking, eating, snoring, birthday present to us all. You can find his latest story here.

Happy Birthday,



One thought on “Snehal?

  1. Hey hey hey. Let’s all do the wufniks. It’s like the twist but with more gyrations that are illegal in the more conservative of cultures.
    Come on and go to the site and read things. We would like your assistance.

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