Out Like a Lamb?

I think I speak for all of us when I say that March can get lost. Take a hike March! See you next year. March on March!

Now that March is out of the way it’s time to think of spring-like activities- April showers and Mayflowers filled with pilgrims and such. It’s time to think of fuzzy yellow chicks and colourful eggs bursting with chocolate yolky albumen.

Think of Wufniks as a golden daffodil trying to break through the soil hardened by winter’s icy embrace. We are pushing through with all our might but we also need some help from all you helpful readers out there. If you or someone you care about (spouse, life partner, trusted dental professional) thinks wufniks is an OK guy then please tell us so in the form of an electronic mail or ‘e-mail’ saying so. We are are hoping that our little daffodil of a magazine will soon turn into a giant redwood of literature- or at least a nice magazine that gets funding from the government. If you have any things to say, please pass them on to us at wufniksmagazine@gmail.com and we will make a collage of them to give to the Queen as we beg for shillings.

By the way, what countries are you people in? We like to think that Wufniks spans all countries and cultures. Hey people out there, tell your friends in other countries that we exist. Let’s hold hands across the equator at noon!

As thanks for your cooperation, please accept this picture of a panda receiving his birthday cake while in a tree.

Speaking of birthdays- I wonder when Wufniks’ birthday is? I have no idea.

This is a short posting today. Please send us emails if you feel that we are doing a good job. Continue to tell your friends about us and if you write stories then send us stories. We will turn them into F-18 fighter jets of passionate prose.

In my magic mirror I can see you mudluscious and I see wigleaf too. I see It’s True magazine too! Have you seen It’s True magazine? Their deadline is April 20th. Send them submissions on absolutely anything you can think of. In my magic mirror I can also see J.A Tayler and E.E Cummings.

Thank you initials. Thank you American poetry. Thank you Peter Crouch.

twittering towards ecstasy,



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