In Like a Lion?

Happy March to all of you newly hatched, fuzzy yellow chicks. March may come in like a lion and leave like a lamb but the in between is pure unicorn, or possibly kangaroo. Let’s take a look at these new creations all around us shall we?

Today is the first day of the official existence of Bewilderbliss, a new magazine published in Manchester. They aim to showcase new and amazing talent from Manchester and beyond the moon. Please check them out, support the artists, send them stories, smile at their words as they fly through the air. We here at wufniks are proud of Bewilderbliss and wish them more success than they can carry.

Next up, Crispin Best– Wufniks’ blistering comet of power and literature, has teamed up with the greatest names (literally) in fiction today, Socrates Adams-Florou and Spiros Adams-Florou to bring you MEN, a book for men (and womens) everywhere. The Florou brothers provided the wonderful pictures and Mr. Best provided the syntax. If you pre-order, order, read, or purchase just one chapbook this month or in your entire lifetime, I suggest it be MEN.

Next and not fourth, is The Other Room, they deal with experimental poetry. Are you a fan? Are you a doer of those types of poems? If you are a doer or a liker then check out our friends in the other room.

Last and almost last are Andrew Borgstrom and David Hartley. They are physically incapable of not writing stories. Check out their ‘blogs’. Andrew is a friend of the family and we have a secret crush on David and the things he does. Well done boys.

My head is spinning from all these creative koalas out there in the fiction outback. Let’s all watch the flowers bloom as we catch our breath. Let’s fill our suitcases with newspaper. Let’s look into our magic mirror and who do we see?

We see Andrew, and David, and Willow, and Crispin and Socrates and Spiros too. And of course we see you!




4 thoughts on “In Like a Lion?

  1. ah lovely, thanks for the nod and the secret crush. one niggle – the link doesn’t work. but ill forgive you, i know how it feels to fancy the person across the room, it makes one make wistful mistakes. love is all around us.

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