Truth or Dare?

The truth is a powerful thing.

The truth shall set you free.

Here, in order (in order of preference), are the seven truest things ever said about Wufniks:

1. Wufniks was born in a bar called KroBar in Manchester but the editors will tell you that it was a place called Hardy’s because Hardy’s was nicer and there is a giant poem written on the outside facade.

2. Wufniks is printed on 100% non-recycled paper.

3. Is the number of founders of the magazine. They added Ringo Starr a few months later.

4. There is a fourth issue of Wufniks and it is currently hiding under the bed.

5. If you say ‘Wufniks’ five times while looking in the mirror and then turn around, you will see Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and he will hand you a cookie.

6. No member of the Wufniks team has ever used the word ‘hiatus’.

7.  Wufniks’ favourite continent is Central America.

Ahh, that felt good to get off our chests. Now down to business.

Do you know Chris Killen?

He has published a novel called The Bird Room. Go check it out on Amazon. It is one of the prettiest covers  I have seen in a long while. Chris is a kind man and a friend to the world. Go get that world Chris and congrats on the novel!

Wufniks is like a child with a remote controlled helicopter that shoots milkshakes. We have more friends than we know what to do with and of course you can come over to watch the helicopter but of course you can NOT play with it because if you break it our dad will kill us. Something that our friends do quite often is send us stories. We love stories, don’t you? Andrew Borgstrom, Samuel Zane Farrell, and Raoul Colvile have sent us some great and short and great things for us and you to read. We have put them in a section of the house that used to be covered by painting tarps but now it is where the friends of the family go.

Thank you friends of the family.

Thank you gravity.

Thank you John Mayer.

tuna fish sandwich,


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