‘Tis the Season?

Hallelujah! Today is the first day of December. Let’s all get our advent calenders out and eat a week’s worth of waxy chocolate.

This is a quick update to let you know that Story War is on. Tomorrow at this time you will check the site and you will see Jason Norman’s and Crispin Best’s stories of joy. The war would have been on today but JLN had second thoughts and needed to beef up his opus a little bit more.


Crispin Best– 100% complete

Jason Lee Norman– 99% complete

Mr. Best feels oddly confident. “It is a great story, I will lose”. That is a direct quote.

Mr. Norman, on the other hand, believes that he has found a new level for his abysmality (never a word). Stay tuned, vote vote vote, make our story boys into story men.

Bye the Weigh- Transmission is a magazine. They have a special offer right now. You can buy three issues of their magazine for only 10 Pounds! Also, if you place any order between now and the 14th of December then you will be eligible to win a ‘parcel’ or ‘hamper’ full of books. Order here. Who among you has not dreamed of a hamper full of books? None of you, that’s who. We here at wufniks dream of a vault/swimming pool, complete with diving board, filled with literature a la Scrooge McDuck.

Thank you Transmission for being a magazine. They treat the competition so well because they are confident and have fabulous artworks. Remember, all Transmission rejects are welcome. It’s the season of giving!

We’ll see you back around this way tomorrow boys and girls. Remember, vote for stories, send us stories, write stories and throw them up in the air.

bicycle kicks,


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