Night Time is the Right Time?

Good evening to you all. When you say ‘good evening’ it is best to say it like Alfred Hitchcock would say it: with some kind of strange nasal blockage sounds and lots of breathing.

Wufniks has no real updates for you this time, we just wanted to say hello. to keep in touch, you know? You know. Wufniks is busy working the night shift, the graveyard shift, the ol metier nuit, as they say in France. Night time is great for many things such as owl watching, star counting, moon shouting-at, but it is not a good time to be working. Just remember that somewhere out there, while you are sleeping in your warm warm beds, somebody is baking your bread and fixing your roads and straightening up the bookshelves for your arrival in the morning. In Disneyland the nightshift workers spend the evening scraping the gum off of benches and repainting the entire park. It’s true. Don’t believe me? Go ask your mother.

Here’s an update for you.

Story Wars update:

Jason- 0.05% complete

Crispin- ?.??% complete

Some of you may say, ‘Wufniks, this war does not seem to be going well’. We would call you a big fat downer. Don’t be such a downer, ok? Ok. We’re taking care of it, just relax. It’s always darkest before the dawn. We’ll have this war up and running in no time.

Wufniks editor Jason L. Norman did a clever thing the other day. He re-packaged a 9 Things and turned it into a 6S which stands for Six Sentences. It’s a six sentence story. One of the best ever if you ask us, and most people do. Check it out here or here. Was that too confusing? It probably was. We blame it on the night shift. We blame it on our circadian rhythms.

Wufniks will now say goodnight to you now. Remember, don’t feed your mogwais after midnight.

sweet dreams,


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