This Means War?

War is not the answer wufniks, but perhaps it is the question? No, probably not. Wufniks is a peach loving nation- and peace as well!

Speaking of war and peaches- Wufniks is at war! Not a real war, but a story war. Story Wars is a place where people put their stories on the site and watch them battle for supremacy through the democratic power of voting. Wufniks editors Crispin ‘the yellow dart’ Best and Jason Lee ‘too many names’ Norman will battle it out to find out once and for all who is the best short story of a thousand words or less writer in the world of worlds. We will keep you updated on when the stories will be put on the site and then you can go and read and vote, and vote often. You have the power inside you. Early polling suggests that Crispin’s story may or may not be about a Jewish boxer and Jason’s may or may not be about a house on fire. Go get ’em boys!

thank you story wars for existing.

Existing is something that some people do best. You know who exists? Xiena Saeed exists, and so does Kamila Rymajdo, and also Belle Crawford. They were the shortlisted for this year’s Mulcahy and Conway award for outstanding achievment in the field of excellence. You will recognize Ms. Saeed from previous issues of Wufniks and Ms. Rymajdo has provided us with a 9 Things. You may be seeing more of all three of these ladies very soon and we thank them for being friends to and of wufniks. Great job ladies!

If you want to see the greatest story ever told, go here.

If you want to see the greatest story ever written, go here.

Until next time. Make words, not wars.

vanilla fudge,


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