Return to Sender?

Happy weekend to yous all, my hot and spicy, dripping with tomato sauce wufniks. Today is a Saturday that kind of feels like a Sunday. Outside it is grey but inside it is warm and there will be sports on TV until we all fall asleep. hip hip hooray for that. We have so many things to show and tell you so let’s get to it.

Do you like pictures? Do you like brilliance? wufniks loves brilliance and wufniks loves Harriet Russell. She has a new book out called Envelopes in which she sends letters to herself and writes the addresses in the most hilarious, beautiful, and delightful of patterns. Look here. Look here.


Look at how cheap Harriet’s book is on Amazon! Can you believe it? Buy the book, look at the pictures, love life and postal workers forever and ever. Wouldn’t it be great if Ms. Russell could be a wufniks illustrator? Wow, we’d love that. As soon as we can design an envelope worthy of her genius, we will send it to her and ask for a picture. Go to her site to see all her other great books and pictures and words. Yes you can!

In other news, we have more 9 Things to show you. Keep them coming.

Wufniks has a new game. Whenever you are on a subway train or a train, or a bus full of people and you are listening to your music on headphones, look for another person who is just sitting or standing and listening to their headphones. Catch their eye and then have a quick game of rock, paper, scissors with them. If they win the first one, then make it a best of three, if you win then give them a thumbs up and then immediately go to sleep. Try it.

Today’s update is dedicated to our editor Crispin Best and his knees. We love you CB.

In honour of him, here are some pictures of people who look nothing like the editors of wufniks.

Matt Munday and Crispin Best

Thank you Harriet Russell, thank you

Kings of Leon, thank you sky, up in the sky.

signed, sealed,



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