Mercy mercy me. Do you feel that in the air? Do you smell what’s cooking? Can you still hear the screams of joy in your ears? Are you still yawning from staying up all night watching the world change? You’re not alone. It feels as though all of the world’s sports teams have won the championship on the same night. Let’s all throw confetti. Let’s all throw an impromptu parade. Let’s all throw our history books out the window. It’s time to buy some new ones. Let’s write them together shall we?

You know who’s a good writer? It’s A.J. Adams of course! A.J. is a great friend of wufniks. Remember Wufniks #1? We certainly do. A.J. is in there! Go read the joy again and again for yourselves. A.J. has provided us with a new story for 9 Things and its a whopper of a doozy of a wufnik. Enjoy.

Wufniks has a new friend to tell you about. Well, he’s not a new friend yet. He still needs to return our calls and we are sure that he will once the muffin basket arrives. Matt Prins is a strong and sensitive Canadian man who sometimes has a moustache. He is doing a cool thing right now with computers and papers and drawings called:

Instant Books Go and read and share with all of your friends. Thanks Matt, we love you.

First new friends, now on to old friends. Crispin Best has finally gone off the deep end. I blame the lack of sunlight. He has many metric tonnes of new stories and pictures to show you, as well as a big crab who gives messages.

hooray for Crispin, hooray for Matt Prins, and hooray for this family, who is about to get a new puppy.

sweet potatoe pie,


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