Monkey’s Lunch?

Today is the big day in the good ol’ U.S of A. It is voting day or, as the Native Americans call it, ‘the day after Monday’. Wufniks is proud to endorse Barack Obama for president of Earth. Most of you wufniks out there probably don’t live in the America but if you know any Americans, please, give them a hug today because it’s a big day for everyone.

Speaking of hugs. We are hugging each of you with our minds for supporting our site by visiting it and sending us words. Wufniks is becoming a happy, shiny, smell good family. Thank you for joining it and please keep coming because there is so much more to see and to do. Today we have two more submissions to add to our 9 Things. Valerie O’riordan and Raoul Colville, step right up, you’re the next contestants on Wufniks is always right. Ms. O’riordan also has one of thoes blogs that are going around these days, you can read it heeyah. A big round of applause for those two.

You can see some more members of the bright and shiny wufniks family, Crispin ‘don’t call me Robin’ Best and Kamila ‘I’m from Chorlton’ Rymajdo on the spinoff of all spinoff spinoffs, for every year. It is possibly the best idea that anyone has ever had.

hanging chads,


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