Trick or Treat?

Merry Halloween to you my spooky wufniks. Today we celebrate the only day where goths look normal. The only day you can bother your neighbours without fear of dog bites. The only day where you can fill your pillow cases with candy. The only day that most of us enjoy role playing. It’s important to have a safe word for when things get a little too hot underneath that rubber mask, if you catch our drift. Our safeword is Pumpkin. You give, we’ll receive.

Speaking of receptions. We’ve got a Manchester double feature today to add to the ever growing list of 9 Things that stand between you and happiness. Like a sunflower it’s growing. Like a puberty.

Today we have Dave Hartley and Alistair Harford- the double Hs coming at you! Read their submissions hereAlistair is a blogger- trust me on this one. Also, Mr. Hartley has a blog, check it out for yourself if you don’t believe us. We would never trick you.

Have a good night wufniks, and stay reflective out there. These are life lessons.

marshmallow peanuts,


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