Snow Day?

It’s official, Wufniks has called a snow day. Let’s all just stay inside and be warm. Let’s rub our feet together. Lets put hot water into hot water bottles, lets put our clothes in the microwave. If it were up to us we would cancel all school tomorrow. You can stay home from work too if you have a job. If not, then sleep until noon, stay the course, this is a recession- nobody do anything rash.

Wufniks had a cold day, in case you couldn’t tell. You know what keeps us warm? No, not warm pudding down our pants, it’s our in boxes when they’re full of tidbits for us to read and show to you out there. Thanks especially to everyone in Manchester who has sent us stories or contributions to our 9 Things. Hey you, rest of the world. Yeah, I’m talking to you. Keep sending us things. Our feelings resemble those of kissing hedgehogs when you do that.

Today’s installment is a whole list, a litany in fact. It’s by the lovely and moon shakingly talented Laura Webb. Experience the litany right here. Somewhere, Zadie Smith is smiling.

ice ice baby,


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