Singing in the Rain?

Salutations and a fine mahuk to you all. Have you ever noticed that sometimes it will rain and then other times it won’t rain? Sometimes it will rain in one part of the world but in another part of the world it might not be raining. I think about these things when I’m alone, or wet.

Have you ever been to Manchester? That is where rain comes from. God bless that city but it is fairly soggy.

I came across this site a couple weeks ago that embraces the rainy locales of Manchester and mixes it with everyone’s favourite google program: google maps. Rainy City Stories has an interactive map of greater Manchester and you can click on certain locations and find stories that people have submitted that go along with those spots. Neat idea? Great idea? You betcha!

Guess who I found on there today? Wufniks’ old friend Elinor Taylor. You can find a story there that you can also find in Wufniks #3.

There is more things. We have a new friend of Wufniks, his name is Tim Woodall. He has given us a new submission for our 9 Things… project. Take a look at it here. He is also a blog master. Read everything. That’s all for now. Keep sending us things, we love it when you do that.

breakfast in bed,


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