Welcome to the Machine?

Howdy gangstas!

Has this ever happened to you: You think of a great idea for a movie. The type of movie that will come out around Christmas time and blow everyone’s mind and make us all believe in hope and love and donkeys again? After you thought of this great idea for a movie did you then go to a movie yourself and then in the coming attractions found out that this movie has already been made starring Brad Pitt?

This happened to me the other day. Right here. To make matters worse I found out that this movie was already a short story written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Remember guys, before you think of an idea for a movie, make sure that Brad Pitt or F. Scott Fitzgerald haven’t already thought of the idea first.

Moving right along. Speaking of machines, remember Crispin Best? This man is an absolute machine. I really mean it. He is our editor-in-cake, and an accomplished blog professional. Surrounding his gigantic human heart are dozens of gears and mechanisms and pulleys that create the masterful specimen that is Crispin Best. Crispin has provided us with the next installment of our 9 Things… You can read it on our site or on the spinoff of all spinoffs, For Every Year.

Before you go to bed tonight, remember that we here at wufniks are proud of you.

glow in the dark wallpaper,


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