Another Round?

How’re you? Have a good weekend? I sure did. Wufniks had a bit of a team building weekend out in the country. We did trust excercises where one person would fall and the other would catch them. Classic. We also had to transport oranges using only our necks and pass them to each other using our previously learned team building skills. At the end of the weekend we even had a genuine ice cream social, but with spiritous beverages instead of ice cream. I must say, a couple pints of alcohol were imbibed on that night.

This weekend reminded me of Noah. Not Noah Baumbaugh, director of The Squid and the Whale. It was the original Noah. History’s first drunk:

” And Noah the husbandmen began, and planted a vineyard.  And he drank of the wine, and was drunken; and was uncovered within his tent.”

Genesis 9: 20-22.

“Uncovered” means he was naked.

I am also reminded of the Taoist philosopher Zhuangzi who said:

“A drunken man who falls out of a cart, though he may suffer, does not die. His bones are the same as other people’s, but he meets his accident in a different way. His spirit is in a condition of security. He is not conscious of riding in the cart; neither is he conscious of falling out of it. Ideas of life, death, fear, etc., cannot penetrate his breast; and so he does not fear from contact with objective existences. And if such security is to be got from wine, how much more is it to got from God? It is in God that the Sage seeks his refuge, and so he is free from harm…”

I think you can all agree that it was a good weekend.

But the weekend is over now. It ended at officially 6PM GMT when the sun went down in this God foresaken country of ours. Meaning England. Meaning Britain. Meaning the UK. Down to business now.

We have had a great response to our 9 Things… and we’ve got a ripe barrell of them sitting in the store room.

Our old friend Kamila Rymajdo has given us new addition to the list. Go read her. She is the greatest. go. read. now.

Lastly. If you are in London, please, hug a Tottenham supporter tomorrow.

pumpkin pie,


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