Back to School?

Happy Friday to you my furry wufniks. I must admit that it feels good to do a posting where I’m not harping on you all to get stories in to us before the deadly deadline is up. Do we even have a deadline looming at the moment? Who knows. Let’s all just let our hair down. Relax guy, you need a break.

Speaking of deadlines. Did you know that the deadline to apply to Oxford and Cambridge Universities was like a couple days ago? I’m sorry if you missed it. So your dreams are dashed, there’s always next year. It will give you another year to get ready for the ridiculously difficult interview questions such as:

1. Would you rather be a novel or a poem?

2. If you were a grapefruit, would you rather be seedless or have seeds?

3. Why is there salt in the ocean?

Those were actual questions from last year’s interviews. Our wufniks spies have gotten ahold of this year’s questions and they go a little something like this:

1.  Which is the better band that remains from the split of Death From Above 1979

MSTRKRFT or Sebastien Grainger and the Mountains?

2. Better conductor on ‘Shining Time Station

George Carlin (R.I.P) or Ringo Starr?

3. What is the saddest Disney movie ever?

Get ready for that interview kids!

Speaking of kids, Anthony Richardson is a good kid. He’s added to our list of the 9 Things that stand between you and happiness. Thanks Anthony.

You keep knocking ’em down and we’ll keep setting ’em up.

potato salad,


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