Under New Management?

Hey kids! Remember us? We’re wufniks. We remember you. We also remember putting up a post sometime in July saying how we were all ready to get things going again. What we forgot to mention was that we were all about 1000 words into a 15,000 word dissertation. We are students. Well, we used to be. Now we’re just unemployed and filthy. The point is that we were busy busy beavers during the summer months and wufniks became the red headed stepchild of the literary magazine world: ignored and bruised.

We are learning to set realistic goals again and our next goal is to publish Issue 4 in physical form by the end of this calendar year. We would also like to pay more attention to this site and fill it with all the lovely tidbits that people send to us.

Finally, we are happy to share with you another brainchild from the imcomparably genial Zadie Smith. Ms. Zadie had another idea for a challenge to give us and it went something like this: Nine Things Stand Between You and Happiness. That was it. Simple and beautiful as that. We have asked some friends of ours to send in a response or two to this challenge and we have posted the results here. If you have a response to this challenge, please send away and we will post them on the site.

Finally again, have you heard of Crispin Best? He is one of our founders and editors and writers and dreamers. He is also the king of spin offs. He has created a spinoff site of wufniks here and it is a blog in which he creates beautiful music with the blogosphere and at the moment seems to be having some kind of torrid love affair with a Lite-Brite. As if that wasn’t enough, he has spun off from that site and made thissum which is a story or picture or sandwich for every year starting from 1400 in which Chaucer first invented the sandwich. You should absolutely check out these spinoffs for Crispin because he gets sad when he thinks about the moon.

Well then, it was nice catching up with you. I hope you check out all these links and stories and tidbits. We are wufniks and we love you. We are trying our damndest to make pretty things for you to look at. Don’t forget to keep sending us your love puppies and word kittens.

much love,


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