Lorks a Lordy

Tut tut tut.

Where have we been, eh? The milk’s gone sour, the bread’s all dry, and – there – by the fridge, the mice have stopped bothering to clean up after their jamborees. Little trombones and straw hats everywhere.

It’s our own fault. We went on holiday. We imbibed of rum and played at games of chance. We accepted ill-advised wagers over how late we could leave our homework. Never again.

But you’ll forgive us. Because between then and now we’ve also done some industrial wufniksing. And it looks like issue #4 is going to be fatter and more engrossing than a lard Rubik’s cube. But less messy. Imagine! So keep your eyes peeled for more news on that.

Until then, here is a fact that might get you high-fiving yourself in excitement: we have a new challenge. And it’s not just any old challenge either. It’s not one of those party forfeits which involve eating as many crackers as you can in a minute. Or reciting the alphabet backwards. It involves attempting the impossible, or thereabouts. And it’s been set for us by the man himself, Martin Amis. Fancy having a go? Click your pointy thing at the challenges page.

Well, that’s about all for this installment. Except for this young man and his wonderful balloon. But remember: wufniks loves you more than walking barefoot on deep-pile carpets; more than drawers with smooth opening mechanisms; more than is strictly appropriate, all things considered.

Wotcha, squire,


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