Literary Fish & Chips!

Do not be alarmed.
That rumbling is nought but an oncoming wufniks.

A new issue approaches like a thrown Frisbee.
Use hands to protect your sensitives, keep your eyelids ajar and brace yourself: issue #3 is a mere week away.

Issue #3 features all sorts. Abusive crockery! A drawing of a narwhal! The death of Ronald McDonald!
It has all of this and it has more.
(get ready for it)
If this is the kind of thing that you like, then — as former Indian Prime Minister Moraji Desai, who practiced urinotherapy, might have said — “urine for a treat”!

Thank goodness for you,
Do keep submitting for issue #4. Do get involved with Zadie Smith’s challenge. You are the golden generation.

Aw, you guys,


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