Literary Earthquake

Holy Macaroni!

Wufniks has been a busy little beaver these past couple of weeks. Be proud of us! To all of you who came to our launch party last week at Revolution we thank you in every language we can remember. So: thank you. To those of you who purchased a copy of wufniks issue #1 or #2 we are now best friends with you and will teach you the secret handshake very soon. The launch party was a first-rate affair filled with lovely readings by such luminaries as Xiena Saeed, Chris Smith, Matt Hull, E.M. Taylor, Tim Russell, and A.J. Adams. We had a great time listening to the wonderful stories and hope that you did too. Any comments about the evening would be great. You can email us or comment on our site, right here. This place. Hi.

We are dreaming in our wildest dreams of doing another party to celebrate words in general but — first! — we need to put out more issues for you to love and buy. Remember, every penny, nickel, and dime from a sale of wufniks goes right back into making more and more lovely magazines. We need more magazines.

Well lads and lasses, chaps and chicks, girls and boys, the Issue #3 deadline has passed and we are now in the assembly stages. ∴ the time has come to announce our Writer’s Challenge for Issue #4. As the wily few of you know, each issue of wufniks features an exclusive challenge from an author that gets our word waters warm. So. Issue #4? Zadie Smith. Wait, what’s that? Yes… Zadie Smith has been sweethearted enough to provide a challenge that is as grand as it is beautiful. Read it here. She is a wufniks lovepot of the heartthrobbingest variety. Thank you, Zadie.

More things: our 100-word obituaries are multiplying. We now have up to N for Nick Adams. The prospect of who O might be is almost too much for us.

Ah! Yet more news! Wufniks now has expanded (like the noblest of gases) into cyberspace. The fact is, if you want to find wufniks, you – as a bushy-tailed computer user – can now go directly to As George Bernard Shaw once said, thimplicity is thexy. (Poor, lisping GBS.) A further fact: if you want to email us, you can use either the usual address or It sounds like a fun thing to do.

Last thing’s last. We are looking into the magic world of PayPal (“boo”?) as a means of receiving subscription orders. Our address there is Please contact us if you think this is a good idea or have any questions, or if you’d like to sign up for back, current, or future issues.

Here is the much-benigned Raccoons theme-tune for your wonderment and joy.

Once again, thanks to all who attended the launch, thanks to those who read, and to Revolution, Oxford Road, for providing a great vomit-free venue. Gracias! Merci! Guten Tag!
Now our eyes are dry and itchy with love, or possibly sleepiness.

dee eye ess sea oh,


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