Much Rejoicing


Issue #2 is nearly done. Imagine – it is in the kiln right now, taking shape. Soon it will be cautiously picked out and juggled from hand to hand, and then set down on a windowsill to cool. What a lovely bunch of stories we have. And the pictures – they are something else. And while we’re on the subject, let’s not forget the paper itself, which has been as reliable and subservient as ever. Yes, Issue #2 is looking like it was a good idea. Issue #2’s doing alright.

There are more things to tell you.

One of them is this: the 100-word obituaries have been updated. We now have everything up to the letter I. That’s I for Ichabod Crane; the rest you’ll have to find out for yourself. Remember: if you have a raggedy old obituary of a fictional character sitting in a desk drawer looking doe-eyed and under-fed, send it on over. We have the facilities to care for them. Once we’ve finished the alphabet, perhaps we’ll start on those arcane special characters, like this one: ~. What is that wriggling thing? Write its obit!

Secondly, we have been sent our very first book review by Mariana Prescott of the online literary quarterly, Enotion. Thanks Mariana! The review (of BF Stribling’s new collection, Without Showing Off) can be found here. Really, click it and see – it’s there. See?

I think that was it.

Except of course: Issue #3! Don’t forget to keep sending us your ripe homegrown wordplums. And join in the madness which is Irvine Welsh’s Challenge. Inter-species intercourse! That is quite literally phwit-phwoo.

Also – Scribble out that April 16th diary-entry reminding you to wash the dog or make prawn paella, and replace it with the simple, spunky word ‘Wufniks’. Because that’s the night of our launch party at Revolution on Oxford Road when you should come and be our friend. More info here.

Last but not least: The Big Snit. (3 minutes 8 seconds really makes me tinkle.)

Here’s hoping you’re like a good breakfast: healthy, hearty and full of Chilean cherries,


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