Launch! Party!

Heavens to Betsy!

On 16th April, 2008, Wufniks will be having a launch party.
You are invited.
You should come.
It will be nice.

It will be held in upstairs at Revolution on Oxford Rd, Manchester.
For those who don’t know: an internet map.

We’ll have more details in the coming weeks but so far we know that:

– We’re hoping to have some actual multi-dimensional people reading their work for your very delectations.
– Issue #1 & brand spanking new Issue #2 will both be available to purchase and thenceforth be read or given as a thoughtful gift or used to fan one’s self/next-of-kin/chilly enemies.
– There will be some exciting announcements made concerning the distant spectre that is Issue #4!

Tip-Ex out everything that you had in your diary for that day and come and say hello and let us love you and pat you on the back.

Further, further bribery:
Remember Stanley? Have more Stanley!

And even some Kurt.

Keep sending us things for Issue #3.

Don’t be squareniks,


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