Call for Submissions: Issue #3

Wowie zowie David Bowie!

We are all spruced up and ready for submissions for issue #3 of Wufniks.
The response has been great so far and we know that there are more and more of you out there who can’t wait to submit to this little magazine.
We know that there are others out there who are about to hit the multiple submissions milestone.
We call this the Bronze Club.

You know by now that submissions can be:

– Short Stories (now of up to a mere 2,000 words)

– Submissions to the Writer’s Challenge (see below)

– Miscellany (aka anything else in the world. Some people are scared off by this freedom. Don’t be one of them. Be bravery.)

Holy cheese on toast!
Did you see that Irvine Welsh has been kind enough to supply us with a challenge for issue #3?
Well what are you waiting for? Sharpen those pencils, misters and misses!

email submissions to:
deadline: the twelfth of april two thousand and eight

You make us wonderful with your stories and your rhythmic chants.

Love and postmodern smiles,


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