Again With The Updates


We are now officially the first Google result for ‘wufniks’! Also ‘wufniks poppycock’ and ‘happy wufniks’. Join the party!

Everything is dandy. We’ve posted a story from one of the world’s most prolific and mysterious Wufniks-contributors, Snehal Vadher.

Read it here!

Also, the answers to some FAQ’s:

FAQ: Under what assumed name does Wufniks stay at hotels?
FAA: Otto Normalverbraucher

FAQ: What is Wufniks’s political stance?
FAA: Something like this.

FAQ: What does Wufniks think is the finest invention of all time?
FAA: This, of course.

That should cover everything.
Happy Wufniks day to everyone.

Keep getting Issue #2 pregnant with your word babies!

Bottom-bunk love,


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