Update! Quiz!

Thank you for giving us the gift of interest.

Your blog hits make our graphs go upwards.

We at Wufniks have composed a quiz. The highest scoring participant will be eligible for a wonderful prize. Not only will the highest scoring participant be awarded eternal life, there is also a mysterious incentive. Believe us. It’s incentivising. You won’t be disappointed.

Quiz Quiz Quiz!

As if that isn’t enough: Holy moly! A slideshow of some of the finest 1940s paperback mysteries you will ever encounter!

Also and furthermost, don’t forget about Issue #2. It loves you. (Hey, on that same subject, if you’re a illustrator and you’d like to have your piccy-wics in Wufniks next time round, gissa shout via electromail.)

We still want your submissions like so much Mexican food.

Help a brothers out.

All the bestest,


3 thoughts on “Update! Quiz!

  1. i agree with ginger
    also i think that’s a cute name
    ‘ginger’, i mean

    i wrote a poem
    i hope you guys don’t mind if i put it here
    i just wanted something of mine up on this website and then i’ll show my friends

    it doesn’t have a title so far
    probably i will call it ‘cassowary’
    ok here goes:

    I have wax in my ears.
    Do not be afraid:
    you also have waxy ears.
    We have this in common.

    My head is back,
    I stare up,
    which is where the sky is.
    You shield your eyes for you are looking up as well.

    I should speak to you.
    You stifle a sneeze.
    Was that enough for a ‘bless you’?
    I swallow. You do have a lovely shape.

    We both admire the sky
    These will be the very first words.
    You look away, shivering,
    blinking from the eye drops.

    A cassowary watches,
    I finger the crumbs in my pockets and run.

    – caleb umana, Feb 08

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