Issue #1


The day is come. Here it is – Wufniks Issue #1, in electronic form, for all you net-fetishists and keyboard artists. Want a physical copy? Those will be available soon! Where can you get one? What will be required of you in exchange? How envious will it make your fellow commuters, preferably gauged numerically? These are the kinds of questions we are yet to find concrete answers to ourselves – but rest assured that as soon as Wufniks knows, yous knows.

Until then, please explore the fizzing titbits within and, as always, keep in touch.

Don’t forget we are currently in love with submissions for Issue #2:
Join the Joy, you Gorgeous Warriors!!

oh, and…

Seriously, look! It’s Wufniks Issue #1
(If you’re smart you can tell adobe to make it look like a magazine – just click View and ‘Two up’. Kablammo!)



7 thoughts on “Issue #1

  1. Were I wearing a shirt, Issue #1 would have really gotten me hot under the collar. In a good way. As it is, I am wearing a collarless onesie or, as you Brits put it, a ‘babygro’. What a weird name that is for a garment of clothing. I am not a baby.

    Great work, you guys!

    Thomas, Hamilton Country, NY

  2. This looks so good. I printed off seventeen copies at work today. This is exactly the type of thing that got me started trying to teach my dog to read. Is it true that a wufnik is a South African that works on an oil rig?

  3. the weirdest thing just happened to me! get this!!!

    i hadn’t eaten anything today since i had an apple turnover that I bought at the esso on the way to work this morning and so when i got home after work i was starving and i put a quiche in the oven and i was quickly checking my blog, the address and name of which i neglect to mention here, and i typed ‘poppycock’ into the wordpress search engine and the next thing i know i’m at this website and i am reading issue one on the screen here and then it’s fifty minutes later and i smell smoke because of course the quiche is burnt but i am not even hungry anymore anyway so who cares

  4. i browse many webpages by night. my wife, sometimes she gets cross. hands on hips, gnarled frown. “what you doin up so late?”. she also doesn’t like my spectacles: in bright light they reflect a grotesque and convex likeness of her.

    i shouldn’t be troubling you with this.

    i just wanted to say that wafniks is a great project. i love that name too: go wafniks!

  5. q: what do diaper-fetishist-new-yorkers,
    obsessive-compulsive-gossip-mongering-dog-trainers, bulimic-type-turreting-arsonists, and bespectacled-late-night-smut-hunters-who-cannot-spell have in common?
    a: their love for all things wufniks
    this magazine caters for the best kinds of demographics
    those with so many kinds of tainted love to give

  6. Well I guess so many other people have left comments I will too. I don’t normally do this sort of thing – I guess I’m a kind of introverted guy – but I really enjoyed this magazine/email/downloadable.

    I don’t like the name though. People keep walking by my cubicle and asking what I’m looking at and I have to say ‘Oh it’s this Wufniks thing’ and they ask what a Wufniks is and I have no idea. Then they look a bit bored or pissed off. Couldn’t you call it something like MegaLit or HyperRead or Nocturnal Submissions (there is a black background, a bit like night [that was quite poetic don’t you think])?

    Anyway, super-enjoyed the first issue. Keep going guys! I’ll read issue 2 if you change the name.

  7. hi guys gret magaseen
    liked the drawingfs lodes
    i cud do some more if you like???????/
    woodnt be a problem


    ^___________^ !!

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