Happy Two Thousand and Eight (Year)

Wuffy Wufniks.

A ship-sized thank you to everyone who has sent us submissions for issue #1. These Wufniks hope those Wufniks had a nice festive fortnight, indeed.

A gift: Wufniks has composed a series of haiku dedicated to tall buildings. Sounds exciting? Read it here!

A song about a giant: Great!

A secret: (highlight below if you are curious)
You can actually still send us things. One of the chaps is in Canada, and the other chaps will wait for him to return to the continent of Europe before beginning to piece together the new issue. Even if you’ve already sent us something, we want more! But shhh.

A word: hobbledehoy n. an awkward, gawky young fellow.

A hope: that all in the world is well with you Wufniks.

For our benefit, the earth will travel 584,570,000 miles this year.
Thanks, Earth.
(think what you can do with that many miles…)

Kia Ora,


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