Officially Google’s #1 ‘Wufniks Magazine’ search result!


Stop shivering! There’s no need to be so anxious. There are still plenty of minutes and hours during which you can submit stories, baloney, palaver and poppycock to be published in Issue #1, which will be hitting all sorts of newsstands in early 2008.

You see, some people used their imagination to think that this is a simple e-journal. Ah! No mere weblog us! No. Wufniks will also be as physical as your very hands. You will be absolutely able to hold it in those selfsame hands. Take it on the bus to make fellow, travel-sick passengers envious of your fine taste! Roll it up and carry it in a backpocket with pride and a smile! Grimace and swat things that are annoying you from about your head (though please gently)!

To reward you for stopping by, we have posted a short profile of the contemporary academical innovator, and great hero of Wufniks, Geoffrey Rushforth.
Read it here!

Send any questions, and keep submitting, to:

Merry Wufniks one and all,


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