Issue #1 Submissions

This is it. This is the first call for submissions for Wufniks. Issue #1 is just around the corner and we’re looking for a variety of things, as long as they fit into one of these three categories:

1) Short stories. Up to 2,500 words. About anything. These can be your new babies or best old dusty .doc files. All that matters to us is you want other people to read them.

2) Writer’s challenge. Each issue will feature a challenge set by a published author we like. They’ll provide a set of rules for a story (for example: setting, point-of-view, subject matter). Booker-shortlisted novelist M.J.Hyland has been kind enough to set this issue’s challenge.

These stories should be:

  • about hypochondria
  • written in the first-person
  • maximum 1,000 words

Read the full challenge here!

3) Miscellany. By this we mean: frivolous snippets, humorous self-indulgent wiffleballs, contrivances, lists, phone numbers, menu items, instructions ripped from the backs of condom packets, photographs of dead relatives with mustaches drawn on, complaints or verbal attacks on our persons, and other nonsense of all varieties.

You could send us a review of a book that doesn’t exist, or a list of sounds that make you think of smells, or a six-word story. Those or none of those.

email submissions to:
deadline: 31st December 2007

We can’t pay you. We’re sorry. We can barely clothe ourselves.

We’re looking forward to reading your submissions,
Hopefully you’ll have fun writing them.

Good Wufniks,

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